1 Saferug


Old contract address (V1): 0x0d63931449b525f78a5724ca2eaa99493b090e54

New contract address (V2): 0x4eeE5A4176C35f2E4Eb4bE1421AF1a8Ae348Ff10

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Supply: 420.000.000 (50% Burned)

Value: 0$


Pay 0,0000095 BNB for 1 SAFERUG

Get 105000 SAFERUG for 1 BNB (actual number lower because of fees)

5% of each transaction would go to liquidity pool if there was liquidity

5% of each transaction is rewarded to holders

2000 BNB Hardcap

No minimum or maximum buy.

Presale round 1 was live for 7 days. Round 2 currently live for 365 days.