V1 (Exploited)

Saferug V1 was deployed on the network on April 3rd 2021. Closely followed only 2 hours later by the first ever voluntary and safe rugging of 0.01BNB.

The token smart contract is a fork of the Safemars reflect token. The only parameters that were changed are name, ticker and supply. Because of changed supply, the reflect fees changed too, from 4% to 10%.

The problem is, when developing V1, the dev didn't realise the importance of a 0$ peg and didn't care if tokens gets added to a liquidity pool. On April 7th 2021, only 4 days after deployment, user Jason added 0.9SAFERUG and 0.001BNB into a Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool, raising the market value from 0$ to 0.46$, 6x from presale price. The rug promise was broken. You could sell your tokens for profit.

Jason is our worst enemy

The 0$ peg was of much higher importance for this project than previously anticipated.

People didn't like what was happening
A temporary solution to calm down holders
Molf dumped his tokens to rescue the low price.

The price was rescued by Molf for now. But the dev still wasn't happy. People are not supposed to buy outside of the presale, or even sell for profit. And even if Jason removed his liquidity there could always be another person quickly readding it, probably setting the price even higher.

A solution had to be found...