FUD Mechanic

What is FUD?

FUD (Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt) is a social engineering mechanic in which you say bad things about a project to make people sceptic and make them reconsider investing, or even decide to sell. It can be used to warn investors in case of a real scam but will likely be removed by the scammers. You can also use it in bad ways by harming a legit projects reputation. Because of this, FUD gets deleted most of the time if there's not enough proof or it's not wanted. FUD is often used by banks or well known individuals so they can buy the resulting Bitcoin dip.

Why does Saferug like FUD?

There are people who blindly put money into projects without informing themselves. Please don't be one of them. But more importantly try keeping others from doing so by constantly reminding them Saferug is a scam. We need FUD to be safer. Thats why the very first step of this project was to recruit "fudders" on Telegram.