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What we are trying to do is help people learn to deal with a sub-type of crypto scamming, called rug pull. We do so by providing a controlled scam environment. A 0$ stable coin presale that can be paid with BNB of which 100% goes to the Saferug rugfunds™. Users have full control over the amount they are going to lose and decide when it happens. We are not trying to scam but to add value into the system and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to farm, trade and hold with high APR.


  • Completely transparent rugpull, you decide when and how much.
  • 0$ stable coin.
  • Hard-pegged stable coin; it doesn't fluctuate in price like standard stable coins do.
  • Longest "legit" presale in history (365 days)
  • More innovations in development...


Lose money

  • We aim to create a good experience for everyone, learn what it feels like to get rugged!

Truly trustless

  • When someone promises you a 100x token, you will have to trust them and yourself, because the 100x promise is exposed to market movements and other factors. Our token doesn't need trust because it obviously can't go down but also not up, which would result in an "unrugging" of users.
0$ Stable coin
  • In V2 of Saferug we forbid the token smart contract to transfer $SAFERUG to addresses that own smart contracts, ensuring that no one will ever add liquidity, sell their tokens or raise the price above 0$. Sending tokens to non contract addresses still works.

Payment options

  • You can also pay with BitConnect (BCC) and other known scam tokens, DM us and we will arrange a deal.

Hall of Fame

  • Buyers have the possibility to tell us their transaction and favourite name and we will list them in a loss ranking. We plan on automating this process so the team is not involved. Warning: If you let other people know how much or at what time you bought, they will be able to associate that info to a transaction and find out your public key.
Reflect token
  • The smart contract is forked off of a reflect token smart contract.
  • There are 10% transaction fees, from which 5% goes to all holders and 5% would go to liquidity if there was liquidity.
  • Fees are kinda broken but it's worth nothing anyway.


  • Ownership is renounced.
  • Adding liquidity is disabled (V2).
  • 0$ price can't go up or down.
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